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Acrylic piercing jewelry and acrylic jewelry are good for your wallet

Plastic can be formed in many ways and that is also why acrylic is such a commonly used and safe material for piercing jewelry. Especially big expanders, tunnels, plugs and replacement balls (among the loose body jewelry parts) are often made of acrylic. Pros with acrylic is that the material is both affordable and light. The lightness of the material means that not even big expanders get heavy. The selection of acrylic jewelry is also wide and consists of many different colors, patterns and models.

On the other side a con with acrylic is that the material is not so breathable. Therefore it is important to make sure that the jewels stay clean and hygienic. In this way you can avoid unpleasant smell. Acrylic jewelry should only be used in healed piercings. Neither do we recommend to use acrylic continuously and on a long-term basis.


Acrylic jewelry can be washed with soap and warm water but you can also use extremely mild antiseptic solutions. Don't use strong chemicals or alcohol when cleaning acrylic jewelry. Acrylic can't be put in an autoclave.

It is important to remember that acrylic jewelry that are fastened by screwing and therefore contains threads should not be treated roughly. Make sure that you don't use to much force with your piercing jewels since this can cause the plastic threads to break. Also avoid extremely high temperatures.