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Brass Rhodium Jewelry

Brass jewelry plated with rhodium gives you a touch of the past

Savanni's selection of brass rhodium jewelry includes for example fake septum jewelry and ear clips. The brass is not used in the part of the jewelry that pierces your skin but it is used in the decorative parts or in fake piercings. Brass is a material with the spirit of the past and it gives the jewelry an elegant antique appearance. The surface of the material is matte - not shiny and brass rhodium jewelry is therefore easy to combine with other materials.


Brass does not need a lot of care but it is recommended that you keep jewelry made of brass away from strong chemicals (for example perfumes, make-up and hair spray). It is also preferable that you avoid getting the brass jewelry wet in order for the surface to maintain beautiful as long as possible. On a practical level this means that you should remove for example big septum rings, which are partly made of brass, before you exercise, go to the sauna or take a bath. Especially sea water can damage these pieces of jewelry. If you want to use septum jewelry that is big and decorative and that better can stand your summer vacation you should choose a piece that is made completely out of surgical steel. ☺

Brass can be cleaned with mild detergents and then rinsed with water. The surface can also be polished with a soft cloth.