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Jewelry made of gold and pure gold gives your normal day a touch of luxury!

As a material gold doesn't need a lot of presentation since we all know the properties of gold and the wonderful feeling of luxury that a piece of golden jewelry brings to the one who is wearing it. A lot of different materials can be golden and there is for example gold-plated silver, PVD-coated steel, anodized titanium and much more. But the only piece of jewelry that will always maintain its gold-color is pure gold. So if you want a belly piercing that will be beautifully golden forever you should invest in jewelry made of pure gold - the price may sting a bit but the jewel will always maintain its value.


In Savanni's online shop you will find piercing jewelry as well as jewelry for your ears and your nose made of pure gold. The gold jewelry in our selection is made of 9-karat gold or 14-karat gold. Some of the golden piercing jewelry has to be ordered in separately to the store, which means that the delivery time for these jewels can be up to 2-4 weeks. If the delivery time for the jewelry is longer than normal there is a separate mention about this in the product information.