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Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry will always be trendy - remember to take care of these jewels.

Savanni's collection of silver jewelry contains many different models: silver earrings, silver pendants, silver chains, silver rings, silver bracelets, silver anklets and silver toe rings. These jewels can easily be found by using our advanced search tool which allows you to search only among the silver jewels. Some piercing jewelry has a decorative part made of silver while the part that pierces your skin is made of another material. This is the case for example with the dangling parts of some belly piercings. We also have a big variety of nose studs made of silver.

All of Savanni's silver jewelry is made of 925 silver, in other words sterling silver. Savanni has its own registered stamped signature for silver jewelry (SVN). The weight limit for stamping silver is 10g in the Finnish legislation. The register of stamped signatures held by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) can be found here: http://nimileima.tukes.fi/.


Silver tends to get dark when you use it but luckily it is easy to clean and polish up silver jewelry. There are many different tools you can get to clean your silver items. Liquid silver polishing is extremely easy and fast to use – just dip your piece of jewelry in the liquid for a moment and the jewel goes back to looking brand-new! After dipping the piece of silver jewelry in the liquid it has to be carefully washed with water to ensure that there is no remains left of the detergents on the jewel. Finish off by wiping the jewel dry for example with a soft cloth. However, you should remember that the polishing liquid also removes the tinted decorations on a piece of silver jewelry so therefore it is better to use a polishing cloth to clean this type of jewelry. The polishing cloth is an excellent alternative especially for cleaning silver jewelry and silver chains with a smooth surface. The tools that are used for cleaning silver jewelry are sold for example at the jeweler's.