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Surgical Steel Jewelry

Steel jewelry and piercings made of surgical steel gives you quality and style to an affordable price.

Surgical steel appears to be the most common material used in piercing jewelry and this material can be used in healed piercings. As a material surgical steel is heavier than titanium but more affordable and there is therefore a greater variety of different kinds of steel jewelry. Surgical steel is an extremely strong material that neither scratches nor gets dark easily. Surgical steel can be put in an autoclave. Apart from piercing jewelry made of this material our assortment also contains pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, toe rings, anklets, earrings and nose studs made of surgical steel.


You can also get surgical steel in different colors for example in black, gold or rose gold. With our tool for advanced searches you can target your search for example according to the material in which case you will easily found the jewelry with the color that you prefer.

According to the EU directive 94/27/EC the highest allowed rate of nickel release is 0,5µg/cm²/week. Surgical steel fills this requirement and is therefore considered a suitable material for healed piercings. On the other hand the highest allowed rate of nickel release in an initial piercing is 0,2µg/cm²/week and that is why piercing jewelry for your unhealed piercings should be made of titanium instead of surgical steel. The Finnish customs tests the presence of nickel in imported jewelry on a regular basis and our jewelry has been proved to fulfill the requirements described in the EU directive.

To clean jewelry made of surgical steel you can use for example mild detergents and warm water.