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Wooden Jewelry

Wooden jewelry gives you natural beauty.

Wood is mainly used in expanders, tunnels and plugs. The wooden piercing jewelry enhances your natural beauty and this type of jewelry can be used both for informal and festive purposes. Since jewelry made of wood is made by hand and the color on the surface of the jewel is always unique it means that every piece of jewelry is different.

Wood is a pleasant material for big piercing jewelry since the material is light and breathable. On the other hand it is not recommended to use wooden jewelry in unhealed piercings since the material is so porous. For the same reason wooden piercing jewelry requires regular care and you should try keeping the wooden jewelry from getting wet. Do this by removing the wooden jewelry before you shower, go to the sauna or take a swim.


You can take care of your pieces of wooden jewelry by cleaning them with mild soap water and then oiling them afterwards. Oils that are suitable for this purpose are among others coconut oil, olive oil or any other kind of natural oil. By oiling your wooden jewelry you keep the wood from cracking and the surface of the jewelry stays beautiful. Piercing jewelry that has been made of wood can't be put in an autoclave.

Savanni's selection consists of wooden expanders, wooden plugs, wooden necklaces as well as a big variety of wooden earrings. We get our wooden jewelry from small craftsmen so a wooden jewel is not only beautiful to wear but also a way to support these craftsmen's source of livelihood. ☺ Thanks to our own line of import we can make sure that the making of our jewelry takes no part in child labor.