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Ordering jewelry online is easy and convenient. When you order online at savanni.com, we will deliver your purchase to your home address. You can choose between normal letter mail and express letter with tracking. We ship all orders the same day or next working day, so your order will be handled very quickly.

In You can pay your order safely with PayPal Express, where you can choose between your PayPal account or debit- or credit card. You don't have to have a PayPal account to use Paypal Express.

Jewelry selection online


At Savanni you’ll find a wide variety of great jewelry online. We have piercing jewelry, fake piercing jewelry, necklaces, earrings, pendants, hand jewelry, toe rings, clips and scarfs. Our selection of piercing jewelry consists of belly button-, eyebrow-, tongue-, nipple-, cartilage-, tragus- and lip jewelry and also piercing rings and horseshoes. Visit the piercing jewelry category to view our entire selection of piercing jewelry.

The materials used in our jewelry vary from wood to titanium. Every item is made using quality materials. Our wood and bone jewelry are made in small jewelry workshops and Savanni operates its own import supply chain. This is a way for us to ensure that our jewelry is not produced in an ethically incorrect way.