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Where are your offices?


Savanni does not have a physical store which means that all purchases are made in our webshop. Savanni's offices and packing department is situated in Espoo but we have no street address.

Where do your products come from?


We import our products by ourselves, which means that we can keep the prices at an affordable level and that we can assure that our products are of high quality. We are familiar with the producers of our products and their working conditions.

At the moment we import products mainly from Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, China) and from the USA but we also get products from Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy.

Our piercing jewelry fills the EU quality standards. The piercing jewelry has been tested among other places in the laboratory of the National Board of Customs in Finland where it has been stated that they fill all the quality requirements set out by the EU.

Why are the earrings priced per unit?


Nowadays there are a lot of different users of earrings – some people want to use different looking pieces of jewelry in different ears, some people have one piercing in one of the ears and five piercings in the other one and men often want to only use earrings in one ear. This is why we want to give our customers the opportunity to buy only one earring and we don't want to force our customers to have to order two (a pair) of the same model. Because of this the largest part of our earrings belong to the mix'n'match jewelry, which means that you can create a combination of different pieces of jewelry that fits your specific style the best! And if you want to have a pair that is also a possibility – then you just have to order two pieces of the same model.



How long does it take for me to get my products?


We aim to process all orders as fast as possible, usually already the same day that the order is made or the next working day. All orders are dispatched when possible on the day the order is made or the next workday. Delivery time will vary depending on the destination and the local post. For countries belonging to the European Union delivery time is usually 2-5 days. Deliveries in Finland usually take 1-2 days (1-4 days during rush hours) and deliveries in Sweden usually take 2-4 days.

What does it mean if I choose priority letter or the registered letter as delivery option?


The priority letter is free of charge for customers within the EU. For countries outside the EU a delivery fee of 2,30 euro will be added. Please note that priority letter orders cannot be tracked with a tracking code.

The registered letter alternative gives you an opportunity to track the delivery of your parcel. You will be provided with a tracking code which you can use to track your order. Savanni strongly recommends choosing the registered letter option, especially for more valuable orders. We use the local post offices for our deliveries so please check with them to get information about the practices for receiving your parcel. Customers outside the EU are responsible to pay for any customs duties or other charges that may apply.

What are the delivery fees?


The priority letter is free of charge for customers within the EU. For countries outside the EU a delivery fee of 2,30 euros will be added. 2,90€ delivery fee is added to orders less than 15€.

The delivery fee for the registered letter is 11,20 euro.

Deliveries in Finland does not include the option registered letter but your delivery can be made with express letter (that contains a tracking code) for 7, 80 €. You can also choose the option cash on delivery in which case you will be charged 8, 40 €.



Which payment options do Savanni have?


Payments by Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard or PayPal are handled safely via Paytrail. These payment options are free of charge.

If you order in Finland or Swedenyou can also choose an invoice or part-payment offered by Klarna (more information can be found on the website www.klarna.fi). The Klarna invoice is charged with 4,90 euro in Finland and about 29 SEK (depending on the exchange rate) in Sweden. The part-payment option is charged with 3,95€ in Finland and is free of charge in Sweden.

Payments only available in Finland areinternet banking services and payment via cash on delivery. If you choose to pay with cash on delivery the parcel must be fetched and paid at the post office and you will be charged with 8,40€.



What kind of return rights or rights of exchange do the products have?


Unused items may be returned within 14 days of the purchase, given that they are returned in the same condition as they were delivered. Due to hygienic reasons the return policy does not include piercing jewelry, nose jewelry or earrings.

If you wish to return or exchange an item, please contact our customer service at info@savanni.com. We will provide you with the instructions regarding the return. When possible, a defective item is replaced by an identical, intact item.

Why doesn't the rights to return or exchange products concern piercing jewelry?


Since a product that once have been tried on can't be sold again the return policy does not include jewelry that are concerned by these hygienic restrictions. This include piercing jewelry, nose jewelry and earrings. We want to make sure that all of our customers get clean and unused jewelry. I bet that you wouldn't want a nose ring or a belly button piercing that somebody else has used before you ;)

What do I do if I'm not sure if a piece of piercing jewelry will fit me? Can I get the product in a sealed bag?


If you are hesitating about whether the chosen item of piercing jewelry will fit you or not you can contact our customer service at info@savanni.com and ask us to pack the product in a sealed bag. An unopened and sealed bag can be returned according to normal practice. If you are unsure about the right measures of piercing jewelry our customer service will be happy to assist you.