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Horn Jewelry

Jewelry made of horn and bone brings tribal-spirit and edge to your style.

Horn and bone has been used as materials mainly in our expanders and big plugs. Our selection also contains tribal-spirited earrings made of horn. Jewelry mad of horn can only be used in a healed piercing.

The horn and bone used in our jewelry originates from the water buffalo. Since the water buffalo is an extremely respected animal in the Asian countries it is never killed solely for the purpose to make jewelry. Therefore the jewels are made out of material got from animals that have died because of other reasons. Jewelry made of horn can in other words be used with a pure conscience since using the entire dead animal is logical also from an ecological point of view.


Even though horn jewelry stand moisture a little bit better than wooden jewelry it is still preferable that you prevent horn jewels from getting wet. Jewelry that has been made of horn can easily be cleaned with mild soap and by wiping the jewels with a soft cloth. It is also recommended that you polish your horn jewelry with oil every now and then.

We get all of our horn and bone jewelry from small craftsmen. Thanks to our own line of import we can make sure that the making of our jewelry takes no part in child labor.