Piercing jewelry material information

Acrylic piercing jewelry and acrylic jewelry

Plastic can be formed in many ways and that is also why acrylic is such a commonly used and safe material for piercing jewelry. Especially big expanders, tunnels, plugs and replacement balls (among the loose body jewelry parts) are often made of acrylic. Pros with acrylic is that the material is both affordable and light. The lightness of the material means that not even big expanders get heavy. The selection of acrylic jewelry is also wide and consists of many different colors, patterns and models.

On the other side a con with acrylic is that the material is not so breathable. Therefore it is important to make sure that the jewels stay clean and hygienic. In this way you can avoid unpleasant smell. Acrylic jewelry should only be used in healed piercings. Neither do we recommend to use acrylic continuously and on a long-term basis.

Acrylic jewelry can be washed with soap and warm water but you can also use extremely mild antiseptic solutions. Don't use strong chemicals or alcohol when cleaning acrylic jewelry. Acrylic can't be put in an autoclave.

It is important to remember that acrylic jewelry that are fastened by screwing and therefore contains threads should not be treated roughly. Make sure that you don't use to much force with your piercing jewels since this can cause the plastic threads to break. Also avoid extremely high temperatures.

PTFE and bioflex piercing jewelry

Since PFE and bioflex are hypoallergenic materials they are well suited for new piercings. This means that these materials are safe and don't cause allergic reactions. Characteristic for these types of materials is that they are flexible and light, which means that jewelry made out of PTFE and bioflex shapes after your body as well as prevents piercings from tearing or closing up. Both of these materials are flexible but PTFE is slightly more flexible than Bioflex. They both have a light transparent color. PTFE and Bioflex is among other things used as material for the long and flexible bars of pregnancy belly piercings. Bioflex is also popularly used in lip piercings since this soft material is more gentle to the teeth and gums than surgical steel or titanium.

You can also easily cut bars that are made of PTFE or bioflex to get the size that suits you the best. Then make threads in the bar simply by screwing a ball, for example made out of surgical steel, on to the bar. Thanks to this you can use pregnancy belly piercings also after the pregnancy.

PTFE can be put in an autoclave and bioflex can well stand different types of detergents.

The pros with the material:

Flexibility. In contrast to metallic jewelry these materials shape after your body. PTFE is slightly more flexible than Bioflex.

Lightness. The lightness of PTFE and Bioflex prevents piercings from tearing or closing up.

Hypoallergenic safe materials - in other words they don't cause allergic reactions. If you are allergic to traditional jewelry made of metal PTFE and Bioflex are good alternatives.

Durability. PTFE and Bioflex are durable materials that resemble plastic.

Adjustable. You can easily cut bars that are made of PTFE or bioflex to get the size that suits you the best. Then make threads in the bar simply by screwing a ball, for example made out of surgical steel, on to the bar.

Personalize. Buy loose body jewelry parts or use replacement balls and spikes you already own to personalize your piercing jewelry. To get your own unique piece of piercing jewelry you just screw the replacement ball of your choosing on a bar of PTFE or Bioflex that is cut to the right size.

Brass jewelry plated with rhodium

Savanni's selection of brass rhodium jewelry includes for example fake septum jewelry and ear clips. The brass is not used in the part of the jewelry that pierces your skin but it is used in the decorative parts or in fake piercings. Brass is a material with the spirit of the past and it gives the jewelry an elegant antique appearance. The surface of the material is matte - not shiny and brass rhodium jewelry is therefore easy to combine with other materials.

Brass does not need a lot of care but it is recommended that you keep jewelry made of brass away from strong chemicals (for example perfumes, make-up and hair spray). It is also preferable that you avoid getting the brass jewelry wet in order for the surface to maintain beautiful as long as possible. On a practical level this means that you should remove for example big septum rings, which are partly made of brass, before you exercise, go to the sauna or take a bath. Especially sea water can damage these pieces of jewelry. If you want to use septum jewelry that is big and decorative and that better can stand your summer vacation you should choose a piece that is made completely out of surgical steel.

Brass can be cleaned with mild detergents and then rinsed with water. The surface can also be polished with a soft cloth.

Silver jewelry

Savanni's collection of silver jewelry contains many different models: silver earrings, silver pendants, silver chains, silver rings, silver bracelets, silver anklets and silver toe rings. These jewels can easily be found by using our advanced search tool which allows you to search only among the silver jewels. Some piercing jewelry has a decorative part made of silver while the part that pierces your skin is made of another material. This is the case for example with the dangling parts of some belly piercings. We also have a big variety of nose studs made of silver.

All of Savanni's silver jewelry is made of 925 silver, in other words sterling silver. Savanni has its own registered stamped signature for silver jewelry (SVN). The weight limit for stamping silver is 10g in the Finnish legislation.

Silver tends to get dark when you use it but luckily it is easy to clean and polish up silver jewelry. There are many different tools you can get to clean your silver items. Liquid silver polishing is extremely easy and fast to use – just dip your piece of jewelry in the liquid for a moment and the jewel goes back to looking brand-new! After dipping the piece of silver jewelry in the liquid it has to be carefully washed with water to ensure that there is no remains left of the detergents on the jewel. Finish off by wiping the jewel dry for example with a soft cloth. However, you should remember that the polishing liquid also removes the tinted decorations on a piece of silver jewelry so therefore it is better to use a polishing cloth to clean this type of jewelry. The polishing cloth is an excellent alternative especially for cleaning silver jewelry and silver chains with a smooth surface. The tools that are used for cleaning silver jewelry are sold for example at the jeweler's.

Steel jewelry and piercings made of surgical steel

Surgical steel appears to be the most common material used in piercing jewelry and this material can be used in healed piercings. As a material surgical steel is heavier than titanium but more affordable and there is therefore a greater variety of different kinds of steel jewelry. Surgical steel is an extremely strong material that neither scratches nor gets dark easily. Surgical steel can be put in an autoclave. Apart from piercing jewelry made of this material our assortment also contains pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, toe rings, anklets, earrings and nose studs made of surgical steel.

You can also get surgical steel in different colors for example in black, gold or rose gold. With our tool for advanced searches you can target your search for example according to the material in which case you will easily found the jewelry with the color that you prefer.

According to the EU directive 94/27/EC the highest allowed rate of nickel release is 0,5µg/cm²/week. Surgical steel fills this requirement and is therefore considered a suitable material for healed piercings. On the other hand the highest allowed rate of nickel release in an initial piercing is 0,2µg/cm²/week and that is why piercing jewelry for your unhealed piercings should be made of titanium instead of surgical steel. The Finnish customs tests the presence of nickel in imported jewelry on a regular basis and our jewelry has been proved to fulfill the requirements described in the EU directive.

To clean jewelry made of surgical steel you can use for example mild detergents and warm water.

Gold piercing and jewelry

As a material gold doesn't need a lot of presentation since we all know the properties of gold and the wonderful feeling of luxury that a piece of golden jewelry brings to the one who is wearing it. A lot of different materials can be golden and there is for example gold-plated silver, PVD-coated steel, anodized titanium and much more. But the only piece of jewelry that will always maintain its gold-color is pure gold. So if you want a belly piercing that will be beautifully golden forever you should invest in jewelry made of pure gold - the price may sting a bit but the jewel will always maintain its value.

In Savanni's online shop you will find piercing jewelry as well as jewelry for your ears and your nose made of pure gold. The gold jewelry in our selection is made of 9-karat gold or 14-karat gold. Some of the golden piercing jewelry has to be ordered in separately to the store, which means that the delivery time for these jewels can be up to 2-4 weeks. If the delivery time for the jewelry is longer than normal there is a separate mention about this in the product information.

Wooden piercing and jewelry

Wood is mainly used in expanders, tunnels and plugs. The wooden piercing jewelry enhances your natural beauty and this type of jewelry can be used both for informal and festive purposes. Since jewelry made of wood is made by hand and the color on the surface of the jewel is always unique it means that every piece of jewelry is different.

Wood is a pleasant material for big piercing jewelry since the material is light and breathable. On the other hand it is not recommended to use wooden jewelry in unhealed piercings since the material is so porous. For the same reason wooden piercing jewelry requires regular care and you should try keeping the wooden jewelry from getting wet. Do this by removing the wooden jewelry before you shower, go to the sauna or take a swim.

You can take care of your pieces of wooden jewelry by cleaning them with mild soap water and then oiling them afterwards. Oils that are suitable for this purpose are among others coconut oil, olive oil or any other kind of natural oil. By oiling your wooden jewelry you keep the wood from cracking and the surface of the jewelry stays beautiful. Piercing jewelry that has been made of wood can't be put in an autoclave.

Savanni's selection consists of wooden expanders, wooden plugs, wooden necklaces as well as a big variety of wooden earrings. We get our wooden jewelry from small craftsmen so a wooden jewel is not only beautiful to wear but also a way to support these craftsmen's source of livelihood. Thanks to our own line of import we can make sure that the making of our jewelry takes no part in child labor.

Jewelry made of horn and bone

Horn and bone has been used as materials mainly in our expanders and big plugs. Our selection also contains tribal-spirited earrings made of horn. Jewelry mad of horn can only be used in a healed piercing.

The horn and bone used in our jewelry originates from the water buffalo. Since the water buffalo is an extremely respected animal in the Asian countries it is never killed solely for the purpose to make jewelry. Therefore the jewels are made out of material got from animals that have died because of other reasons. Jewelry made of horn can in other words be used with a pure conscience since using the entire dead animal is logical also from an ecological point of view.

Even though horn jewelry stand moisture a little bit better than wooden jewelry it is still preferable that you prevent horn jewels from getting wet. Jewelry that has been made of horn can easily be cleaned with mild soap and by wiping the jewels with a soft cloth. It is also recommended that you polish your horn jewelry with oil every now and then.

We get all of our horn and bone jewelry from small craftsmen. Thanks to our own line of import we can make sure that the making of our jewelry takes no part in child labor.

Piercing jewelry made of silicone

Silicone is a soft and flexible material that because of its lightness is a suitable material especially for big plugs and ear stretchers. There are innumerable options of colors and a lot of silicone jewelry brings just the right amount of edge to your style.

Silicone is a material that doesn't cause allergic reactions and jewelry made of silicone can be put in an autoclave. Silicone jewels can be cleaned with mild detergents and tepid water.

Titanium piercing and jewelry

Titanium is light, very adjustable and can be used by allergic persons as well as in an initial piercing. The color of titanium is a beautiful dark grey but by anodizing the titanium it can get different colors. The colors of colored titanium can fade with time but this is not harmful.

Titanium jewelry is easy to clean with mild soap and warm water. The surface of this type of jewelry can also be polished. Titanium can be put in an autoclave.

If the quality is not a negotiable matter you should choose titanium. Savanni offers piercing jewelry made of titanium but also titanium rings that make an elegant alternative to for example engagement rings. The titanium used in our jewels is of G23 quality.